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          SACK CONSULTING specializes in organizing new initiatives involving financial services firms. If you would like to have more contact with customers or industry peers, please reach out to Joe Sack and arrange to obtain his input regarding how your firm or organization can design and implement major networking events and related activities. These "win-win" programs are extremely beneficial to your clients because they usually open up your clients' thinking to new business ideas and opportunities. The important feature of sponsoring a networking initiative concerning new industry developments (such as new rules, new best practices) is that you have the opportunity to shape the agenda of the program--versus attending someone else's event and waiting for opportunities to come your way. 

          It takes a lot of work to structure a balanced, professional networking initiative; but once your program gains traction, your clients will be in a position to see and understand the value of your products more effectively than ever before.They will also respect your commitment to enhancing industry-wide education in these challenging times. Sack Consulting would be pleased to review your marketing goals and help you decide whether a networking initiative sponsored by your firm or organization would be beneficial. 

       Joe Sack is at 914-648-0088 or
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