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Advocacy / Responding to Regulatory & Legislative Proposals

         Joe Sack founded Sack Consulting to give individual firms, trade groups and special purpose groups the resources for a stronger "voice" with respect to the implementation of financial services regulatory reform.

         The advocacy approach used by Sack Consulting relies heavily on establishing  credibility with decision-makers in Washington. This approach entails a commitment by industry clients to clearly stated core principles of regulatory reform. Working on a partnership basis with Sack Consulting, these clients would maintain a consistent dialogue with the SEC, CFTC, the Fed and any other significant agencies to crystalize policy issues and achieve results that are designed to benefit ultimate investors.

         Advocacy initiatives are inherently complex because they typically involve extensive give and take concerning parties with differing missions. The skill set employed by Joe Sack to enable industry members to have a sophisticated and effective voice in regulatory initiatives has been developed as a result of his two decades of experience working as an executive for the top trade associations on behalf of both the buy-side and the sell-side.

         To the extent that your firm or group needs to move quickly on advocacy matters in the fast-paced environment, Sack Consulting is available to meet all your needs and develop creative options.

         Inquiries concerning Sack Consulting's advocacy services may be directed to Joe Sack at 914-648-0088 or joesack@sackconsulting.com

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