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            If your firm is part of a self-organized group of financial firms seeking to promote an educational, best practices or advocacy agenda, you may want to consider engaging the professional staff support services offered by Sack Consulting. These services include assuring membership by all relevant firms, scheduling meetings and organizing agenda items, research on policy issues, drafting proposals for discussion, writing minutes of meetings, follow-up to meetings (including making arrangements to meet with regulatory officials, if necessary), and providing advice regarding any continuing advocacy activities.

            The above role played by Sack Consulting will conserve the resources of your industry group so that the group can concentrate on decision-making regarding the important policy issues that affect your critical business interests. Also, by engaging Sack Consulting, your group will avoid any overlapping performance of staff functions that might occur when groups are run on an informal basis.

            Senior industry executives who participate in these special purpose industry groups usually have extreme limitations on their time. They also typically have a strong desire to achieve the goals established by the group. Joe Sack has extensive experience in the trade group profession as a results-oriented staff partner with industry leaders. This expertise is now available to interested special purpose coalitions in the implementation phase of regulatory reform. Equally important, Sack Consulting will assure that any public pronouncements to be issued by your group meet the highest standards and that your group is continuously aware of the viewpoints of any other groups who may be focusing on policy issues similar to yours.

            Contact Joe Sack to learn more about how to put your industry group on an even more productive path toward reaching new heights concerning your desire to enhance industry practices in the interests of your customers. Joe Sack is at Sack Consulting, 40 Exchange Place, Suite 1800, New York, NY 10005. Telephone: 914-648-0088. Email:

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