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SACK CONSULTING CONFERENCES - FinTech is bringing new opportunities to Wall Street, let Sack Consulting organize your firm's next event on Distributed Ledger Technology, for your own staff or for clients!
Our efforts on 6/27 are in tandem with the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (Joe Sack serves on the Board of Advisers of WSBA). Also, we feel this Webcast could be timely as a potential background piece for anyone who...
This Trends Roundtable will focus on FINTECH, including Robo Advisors, Distributed Ledger Technology, Cybersecurity & other related topics. Also, our Roundtable will offer you tips on how to develop your own approach to...
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PIVOT TO NEW REGULATORY THEMES - Sack Consulting enables ad hoc groups and buy-side and sell-side firms as well as service providers to empower their clients with up to the minute information about Trump Administration developments in the financial services industry. Sack Consulting is available to coordinate best practices initiatives and roundtable meetings involving your clients to clarify the meaning of new proposals concerning the Volcker Rule, Blockchain, cybersecurity, buy-side modernization and many other industry developments.

The services of Sack Consulting are offered to assist either individual firms or small groups of firms in their efforts to respond to the rapid pace of change concerning broad regulatory policy issues and best practices in the investment management industry. 

Joe Sack (joesack@sackconsulting.com)  is the President of Sack Consulting, which maintains offices in Boston, MA and NYC. Cell 914-648-0088.


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   Sack Consulting mobilizes the best performers in the industry on the most challenging industry projects. Change is a constant on Wall Street; it is continuing and seemingly never-ending. Sack Consulting's expertise will help you decide a course of action, whether to adapt to new practices, or appeal to regulators for modified rules, or to organize an ad hoc group to redefine a paradigm.

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